Corner Baths

Corner baths, with their curved fronts and neat ways, are still pretty quirky these days and always a delight. These offset baths are perfect for awkwardly shaped bathrooms and those which are pretty compromised space-wise. And, despite the fact they are geared towards fitting into right angles, the corner bath these days can come in various lengths – where each side is equal, or one is longer than the other. Again – another design feature which bodes well for smaller bathrooms. Pair with one of our corner basins and corner toilets to truly maximize the available space within your bathroom. Rather than opting for a small bath why not choose a small corner bath, or if room permits a corner bath for two so you can enjoy a sumptuous soak together.

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Corner Baths UK

Just about every major bathroom manufacturer today will supply a version of a corner bath in their bath’s range. That’s because they are well aware it is still a look sought after by many householders. And because your corner bath comes from a respected manufacturer you can be assured the quality and design will be second to none. Corner baths are great for awkward shaped bathrooms, or for someone who just wants their bathroom to look a little different from the norm. A corner bath will take up fewer walls and floor space meaning you’ll have room for that bidet you've always fancied or the floor standing cabinet you've had your eye on for some time now. You can even have a corner bath shower screen, along with an adjacent shower unit to give you the best of both worlds.

Corner Baths for Sale

Today’s shower baths come with great extras such as seating or even a small shelf on which you can place candles, a glass of wine or even a waterproof radio playing soothing music on. It’s something you’ll look forward to all day… at Bella Bathrooms you could even have whirlpool jets fitted to your corner bath to bring the relaxation quotient to new levels. One of our entry level corner baths is the Moods Orlando Luxury offset corner bath which measures 1495 x 1010mm and has an optional corner bath panel. It can be fitted with a Wellness Bluetooth sound system, lights and whirlpool settings. The Moods Laguna Luxury Corner Supercast Bath measures a generous 1550 x 900mm and can be fitted with its own luxury bespoke bath panel. The Supercast name refers to a substantial reinforcement process added to a standard acrylic bath, giving it strength and increasing its durability (to the same level as the sturdy old cast iron bath).

Corner Bath Sizes

We have a vast range of curved baths in a variety of sizes to best match your given bathroom space. You’re not going to be faced with a small functional bath which is squeezed into a corner. No, today’s corner baths can be pretty generous size-wise, as well as deep. So forget the notion of someone sitting in the corner and crouched with their knees up. That’s in the past. Today’s corner baths allow plenty of stretching out.

The manufactures are so confident that you’ll love your corner bath and won’t dream of parting with it after several weeks in the home that most offer a 25 year manufacturer's guarantees on all their corner baths. You can guarantee you are buying quality baths here at Bella Bathrooms that you can enjoy for many years to come.