Shower Bath Suites

Our generous selection of complete shower bath suites are a popular choice here at Bella Bathrooms. The shower bath allows you the best of both worlds for your bathroom whether you are a fan of a refreshing shower or a long soak in the bath or even a mix of both and we have a varied selection of P and L shaped bath styles for you to choose from. They are especially useful item for a space compromised family bathroom as a shower bath suite will help you maximise the space available in your bathroom. We even sell a 1500mm shower bath whose compact design truly provides a space saving option. Shower suites can also be useful for standard sized bathrooms where you may wish to create the feeling of extra space. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a selection of stylish yet affordable shower bath suites for you to view regardless of the bathroom design you are trying to create be it contemporary or traditional to make a complete package.

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Complete Shower Bath Suites

The perfect compromise for those who can’t afford the space for both a shower and a bath; shower baths combine both to provide a flexible option for your bathroom. In response to the growing popularity we have added a range of shower bath suites which combine shower baths with a toilet and basin to create a stylish bathroom suite package. By combining these items into a package with items of a similar style you will find that they are offered at a reduced price than separately selecting items.

Whether gentle smooth curves or the more edgy geometric shapes are your preference we will have the shower suites that are ideal for you. The seamless ‘P’ shaped shower bath which is more curved toward the shower end are matched with similarly smooth curving basin and toilet. The square edged ‘L’ shaped shower bath which has a more square shape at the shower end of the bath are paired with a basin and toilet that have similar geometric shaping. Our L shaped shower bath suites really add a contemporary touch to any bathroom. For a sleek modern look we also stock straight shower bath ranges to truly keep your bathroom to a minimalist feel.

All of our shower bath suites are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers’ who offer lengthy guarantees on these packages assuring you of the top quality of these baths. As people look to create additional bathroom spaces in their homes we are confident the popularity of these shower suites will continue to grow. View our complete bathroom suite range from sleek modern designs to classic traditional styles.