Sink Traps

Sink traps are an essential part of any bathroom, although they certainly aren’t the first thing you think of purchasing when renovating or improving an existing suite. Our plumbing experts have worked hard to deliver our customers only the highest quality, affordable products and you’ll find them all in this collection. Whether you are a plumber searching for the ideal product for a client or a homeowner designing you desired bathroom, our range of sink traps is second to none with suggestions for various styles, sizes and pockets.

At Bella Bathrooms we only recommend the most premium suppliers and trusted brands, and McAlpine Plumbing who manufacture these sink traps are no exception. The McAlpine 1 1/2” Tubular Swivel P Bottle Trap is a constant winner among our customers as it is so durable and convenient. The multi-fit outlet features a 75mm seal and complies to standard EN 274-1:2002.

The McAlpine 1 1.2” Adjustable Inlet P Bottle Trap is great for those smaller or slightly tricky spaces. Also with a 75mm water seal and a multi-fit outlet, it also boasts an adjustable inlet, allowing for easier installation. You will certainly never go wrong with these competitively priced sink traps from McAlpine, one of Bella Bathrooms’ most trusted brands.