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  1. Moods Benita Satin White Ash Soft Close Seat
    £59.85 Was £95.00
  2. Moods Benita Grey Ash Soft Close Seat
    £59.85 Was £95.00
  3. Moods Benita Indigo Ash Soft Close Seat
    £59.85 Was £95.00
  4. Kartell Astley Matt White Soft Close Toilet Seat
    £61.03 Was £109.00
  5. Kartell Astley Matt Grey Soft Close Toilet Seat
    £61.03 Was £109.00
  6. Frontline Holborn Crema Soft Close Toilet Seat
    £55.99 Was £80.00
  7. Frontline Piccolo Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Seat
    Awaiting Delivery
  8. Frontline Xclusive Soft Close Toilet Seat
    £24.49 Was £35.00
  9. Moods Volta Grey Gloss Soft Close Seat
    £48.20 Was £85.00
  10. Moods Citronella D Shaped Slim Soft Close Seat
    £43.47 Was £69.00
  11. Cassellie Spek Wrap Around Toilet Seat
    Awaiting Delivery
  12. Cassellie Wrapover Toilet Seat
    £19.59 Was £46.99
  13. Cassellie Slimline Heavy Duty Toilet Seat
    £34.93 Was £78.99
  14. Cassellie Soft Close Seat
    £10.70 Was £26.44
  15. Nuie Square Soft Close Toilet Seat
    £25.54 Was £57.00
  16. Rak Series 600 Toilet Seat

    Sale Price £32.93 Was £40.95

Items 1-24 of 37

Set Descending Direction

Soft close toilet seats have become something of a trend in recent years. Well, not a trend – because we’re sure this modern bathroom mechanism is here to stay – but rather a ‘must-have’ feature for most families around. And, let’s face it; it’s not difficult to guess why that is.

Soft close seats are particularly popular with families especially those with young babies who may just have got them off to sleep when another member of the family goes to the toilet in the night and slams the toilet seat shut.

With a soft close toilet seat loud banging is a thing of the past. That’s because the way the seat’s hinges are fitted makes it impossible for the user to drop the lid and for it to quickly slam down. Instead the toilet seat seat gradually closes shut over a period of seconds. Not only does this mean no loud clanging noise, but it also prolongs the life of the toilet seat since there is far less chance of it being damaged and splitting as a result.

These toilet seats are simple to fit and can be done by a householder competent in DIY rather than the necessity to call in a professional.

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