Bath Traps

While bath traps aren’t necessarily the first thing you think of buying when renovating the bathroom or installing a new bath, they are one of the most important features. We’ve used our plumbing knowledge and expertise to select the finest products to suit all baths and all budgets in this section.

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Set Descending Direction

Our range features many different shapes and sizes of bath traps suitable for almost any bathroom. One of the most popular traps we offer is the McAlpine 1 ½” Tubular Swivel P Bottle Trap, which works tirelessly to prevent bad smells from the drains and bacteria entering your home. The large curved pipe is ideal for deterring insects too, and this style is seen in bathrooms everywhere. The McAlpine 1 ½” Adjustable Inlet P Bottle Trap is a good choice if space is restricted in the area where the trap needs to be fitted. The adjustable inlet feature also increases the ease of installation – at fantastic value for money.

For a first class bath trap, we offer an extremely stylish option in our Ultra Shallow Seal Trap. This high end version boasts a chrome finish and guarantees to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom décor. Bella Bathrooms caters to all budgets, so browse our range of bath traps now to find what you’re looking for.

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