Frontline Slimline

If you desire a sleek modern bathroom, then the minimalistic style of the Frontline Slimline shower trays should be just the fit. At just 25mm high, these are some of the slimmest shower trays on the market today and provide the ultimate in contemporary design. They are as close to a walk in shower that you can buy whilst still retaining the water within the tray to keep the rest of your bathroom free from excess water.

With hardly any height at all, these shower trays barely rise off the floor which will make a shower very accessible. For wheelchair users, disabled access bathrooms, less able bodied people and elderly individuals, the Frontline Slimline range is ideal.

The shower trays can be fitted onto wooden or concrete flooring, and include a self-cleaning waste unit. This waste unit is found in the centre of the shower tray and is extremely efficient at removing the waste from the tray which is important with a shower tray that has a minimal profile.

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The tough stone resin shower trays are robust and built to last, and the Slimline range also comes with a white gel coating to make it even more durable. Aside from being at the height of style and offering a chic appearance, the Slimline range also boasts practicality.

Choose from a range of shapes and sizes to find the ideal shower tray for your bathroom. Whether you are looking for square, rectangular, quadrant or offset quadrant shower trays this range has it covered. Frontline even offer special right and left handed shower trays to best suit the layout of your bathroom area.

As a respected British manufacturing company, Frontline offer the very best in value, quality, style and durability. But with a lifetime guarantee offered on every product in this Slimline range, there is nothing to worry about anyway!