Twin Impeller Shower Pumps

Top performance from your shower is crucial to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle. An invigorating shower helps start you off on the right foot for the day ahead whilst also helping you to relax at the end of a busy day. Twin Impeller pumps are designed to pump both hot and cold water supplies to produce a more powerful shower experience. The most common application for a twin impeller pump is the mixer shower as they pump both water supplies at the same time, or individually depending on the demand. Twin impeller shower pumps help to balance the flow of water in your home which is useful in areas where the cold water runs at a higher pressure. It is recommended that the best position to install a twin impeller pump is at the base of your hot water cylinder to help deliver the hot water efficiently.

Which Brands of Twin Impeller Shower Pumps are Available?

  • Salamander Twin Impeller Shower Pump
  • Stuart Turner Twin Impeller Shower Pump
  • Triton Twin Impeller Shower Pump
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How does a Twin Impeller Shower Pump Work?

The sensors within these shower pumps are activated in differing ways depending on whether the pump is a positive or a negative head. These twin impeller pumps are able to react automatically once the shower valve is opened or closed to provide the necessary hot, cold or mixed water to your shower. Twin impeller pumps can even feed multiple showers at the same time depending on the pumps BAR rating.

What Type of Twin Impeller Shower Pumps are Available?

Positive Head Shower Pump

Positive head twin impeller shower pumps feed water outlets such as shower heads and taps, which have a ‘positive’ location within your home. In the case of your shower this means that your shower head is below the level of the cold water storage tank. The pump is activated by the gravity allowing the flow of water to reach the pump as the shower is turned on and then deactivated once the shower is turned off again.

We stock a large range of positive head twin impeller shower pumps in a wide variety of pressures from some of the leading manufacturers in this market; Salamander, Stuart Turner, Techflow and Triton. Choose from a 1.0 bar to 4.0 bar depending on how much extra power you require for your shower and which pump will be compatible to your water system.

Negative Head Shower Pump

Negative head twin impeller shower pumps feed water outlets (showers, taps etc) which are classed as having a ‘negative’ location. For your shower this means that the pump outlet (shower head) is level with or above the cold water storage tank. These negative head pumps are pressure sensitive and are activated when they detect a drop in pressure between the device and the pump. Once the flow of water is running it will continue pushing water to the outlet until the shower is turned off again.

We have a select range of negative head twin impeller shower pumps which are also offered in bar ratings of 1.0 to 4.0 depending on the amount of boost to your shower that you require. We stock these pumps from a range of the top manufacturers (Salamander, Stuart Turner and Techflow) currently in the shower pump market which can help you create your dream shower.

Twin Impeller shower pumps can help you to achieve the shower of your dreams by delivering a balanced flow of water at the temperature you require. Turn a mediocre shower into a shower you will not want to leave with one of these fantastic shower pumps. The quality of these twin impeller shower pumps is guaranteed as they are produced by the UK’s leading manufacturers and come supplied with lengthy guarantees. View our range of twin impeller shower pumps and find the perfect match for your home from our selection of positive and negative head shower pumps. Please contact us if you have any queries about selecting the correct shower pump as we will be happy to assist you.