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If showers are your thing there is nothing worse than poor shower performance. It is useless having a top of the range shower if your home doesn’t have the necessary water pressure to match it. Shower pumps help boost the water pressure coming from your homes mains water supply so that you get that fantastic shower experience that you crave. These shower pumps help to maintain water pressure by pumping water to the shower head which is especially useful in areas that water pressure is lacking. By pumping the water at a higher pressure shower pumps (and house pumps) help to keep your bathroom working to its optimum capacity and provide showers full of power.

At Bella Bathrooms our range of shower pumps help boost the water pressure in your home and are available from the leading manufacturers in the shower pump market such as Salamander Pumps and Stuart Turner Pumps.

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Why Choose a Shower Pump?

If you want extra power in your bathroom a shower pump is the obvious solution. Contemporary showers require a higher operating pressure than your water supply might offer making the addition of a shower pump extremely valuable. Water pressure can vary in urban and rural areas and whether your house is located on flat or higher ground. When choosing the correct shower pump for your home it is important that you make sure that your homes water system will be compatible with a particular shower pump.

One thing for sure is our extensive range of Shower Pumps will provide you with the tools to create the perfect shower experience. Showers that are a mere drizzle can be a thing of the past as you indulge in a powerful boost to your shower flow. View our range and find the perfect product to best suit your shower, bathroom and even home. At Bella Bathrooms you can benefit from our next day delivery service on selected shower pumps and great savings. With speedy shower pump delivery times and competitive prices we are the obvious choice for your shower pump needs!