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If showers are your thing there is nothing worse than poor shower performance. It is useless having a top of the range shower if your home doesn’t have the necessary water pressure to match it. Shower pumps help boost the water pressure coming from your homes mains water supply so that you get that fantastic shower experience that you crave. These shower pumps help to maintain water pressure by pumping water to the shower head which is especially useful in areas that water pressure is lacking. By pumping the water at a higher pressure shower pumps (and house pumps) help to keep your bathroom working to its optimum capacity and provide showers full of power.

At Bella Bathrooms our range of shower pumps help boost the water pressure in your home and are available from the leading manufacturers in the shower pump market such as Salamander Pumps and Stuart Turner Pumps.

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What Types of Shower Pumps are Available?

  • Single Impeller Shower Pumps
  • Twin Impeller Shower Pumps
  • House Pumps
  • Power Shower Pumps

Why Choose a Shower Pump?

If you want extra power in your bathroom a shower pump is the obvious solution. Contemporary showers require a higher operating pressure than your water supply might offer making the addition of a shower pump extremely valuable. Water pressure can vary in urban and rural areas and whether your house is located on flat or higher ground. When choosing the correct shower pump for your home it is important that you make sure that your homes water system will be compatible with a particular shower pump. Here is a quick overview of the different types of shower pumps we stock;

Single Impeller Shower Pumps

This type of shower pump is designed to pump only one type of water to your shower; either hot, cold or a mixture of the two and helps to overcome low mains pressure. In some homes it can be more practical to have a pair of these pumps rather than a twin pump. If the cold water tank and hot water cylinder are not located near to each other in your home it is more efficient to have a power shower pump for each of the hot and cold water supplies.

Twin Impeller Shower Pumps

This shower pump is designed to pump both hot and cold water supplies which work particularly well with mixer showers. They can pump hot or cold water either individually or at the same time making them perfect for mixer showers as they produce an even pressure. Twin pumps tend to be positioned at the base of the hot water cylinder to push water to bathroom devices such as showers or baths. This pump can be used to feed multiple showers at the same time depending on the BAR rating of the pump.

House Pumps

We stock a huge range of house pumps with differing sizes and power which is dependent on the specific homes need. House pumps are designed to pump cold and hot water separately when needed in the home. They help to improve the performance of both hot and cold water for the entire households’ demands like baths, taps and toilets etc when only hot or cold are needed at any one time. The Salamander Homeboost is a particularly popular product as a low cost solution to improving water pressure from a combi boiler or mains fed system.

What Brands of Shower Pumps do We Supply?

  • Salamander Shower Pumps
  • Stuart Turner Shower Pumps
  • Triton Shower Pumps
  • Aqualisa Shower Pumps


Salamander is one of the leading manufacturers of shower pumps in the UK and we are proud to be an approved supplier of these fantastic products. Salamander pumps boast an impressive range of pumps to boost both showers and bathrooms which are up to speed with the latest in bathroom pump technology. Salamander pumps also benefit from pioneering centrifugal technology which helps them to create some of the quietest yet most efficient range of shower pumps. Salamander offer a variety of different shower pumps which are suitable for both mixer and electric showers.

The CT Bathroom Range help to optimize the performance of all your bathroom appliances whilst the impressive Homeboost takes it one step further. This Salamander Homeboost system improves the water pressure from combi boilers and mains pressure to keep a high level of performance consistent throughout your entire home.

Salamander have been manufacturing these top quality shower pumps for over 25 years and offer a 3 year guarantee on all of their pumps. They also offer a free technical helpline if you have any queries which are manned by experts with over 70 years of plumbing experience.

Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner has a long and distinguished history in the bathroom as they have been established for over 100 years! Their extensive range of shower pumps highlights how innovative and forward thinking this company is for producing high quality cutting edge pumps. Stuart Turners ranges of high performance pumps are built to improve the pressure of water to not only your shower but also your entire home.

Choose from the Stuart Turner Monsoon range, which offers high performance pumps for your shower and whole house by significantly boosting the water pressure, to the Shower mate range which is a more economic range of pumps that improves the performance of individual showers or bath/shower combos. Stuart Turner has every type of shower pump covered. The popular Flomate range is even suitable for use with the combi boiler style of heating to create an improved shower experience.

Stuart Turner also offers a minimum 3 year guarantee which assures you of the quality of these shower pumps. The PumpAssist support helpline offers you advice on aftercare and provides expert technical help plus the ability to order spare parts directly through Stuart Turner.

Techflo Pumps by Stuart Turner

This latest range of shower pumps, offered from Stuart Turner are at the front of modern pump design. This fantastic Techflo range of centrifugal driven shower pumps creates a high pressure and flow for your bathroom yet a minimal sound when operating. Techflo claim they produce only ‘whisper quiet operation’ and this is an important feature as no one wants to have a pump for their home that causes a disturbance whenever it is in use. The QT range of shower pumps available from Techflo is one of the quietest around offering increased pressure and a smooth flow of water to your home whilst also ensuring minimal energy consumption allowing the pumps to do its job without you having to worry about it or even noticing it’s there.

As with the other Stuart Turner pumps these Techflo pumps are straightforward to install and an extremely reliable range of pumps. They also come with the bonus of a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.


Triton has long been renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of showers and accessories and their good reputation precedes them. They offer a small but nevertheless select range of shower pumps that will help you get the best flow from your dream shower.

The Single Impeller Booster Pump is a gravity fed pump which will boost the supply from your cold water tank to your electric shower while the Twin Impeller Booster Pump will help to convert your mixer shower into a dream power shower. This clever shower pump switches on or off automatically as the shower is operated.

Triton also offers a Booster Pump that requires no plumbing connections which makes it very easy to install. This gravity fed wall mounted pump will increase the flow to bath/shower mixers. The quality of these shower pumps offered by Triton is backed up by the 1 year guarantee offered as standard.


This range of high quality shower pumps are exclusively designed and manufactured for Aqualisa by Stuart Turner. They are highly compatible with a range of different shower units and will transform your regular shower into a spa-like experience. Choose between the 250 or 340 Aqualisa Mach Pump.

The 250 will provide a medium boost to your gravity fed mixer shower whilst the 340 will give you the ultimate boost to your shower. The 340 pump is powerful enough for either two shower heads and two body jets or a single shower head with four body jets to create a luxury shower experience.

These fantastic shower pumps are great quality and come with a 2 year manufacturers’ guarantee as standard. Another bonus of these pumps is that they are pretty much maintenance free – what more could you wish for?

One thing for sure is our extensive range of Shower Pumps will provide you with the tools to create the perfect shower experience. Showers that are a mere drizzle can be a thing of the past as you indulge in a powerful boost to your shower flow. View our range and find the perfect product to best suit your shower, bathroom and even home. At Bella Bathrooms you can benefit from our next day delivery service on selected shower pumps and great savings. With speedy shower pump delivery times and competitive prices we are the obvious choice for your shower pump needs!

Shower pumps are the solution to your low water pressure problems in the bathroom. Read our useful Buyer’s Guide: Shower Pumps to help you choose the perfect shower pump to turn that drab shower into the invigorating luxury shower you dream of!