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  1. Croydex Pendle Toilet Roll Holder
    £20.18 Was £27.77
  2. Croydex Pendle Single Robe Hook
    £12.34 Was £16.97
  3. Croydex Deluxe Squeegee
    £23.73 Was £32.68
  4. Croydex 5 Litre Soft Close Peddle Bin
    £22.97 Was £31.63
  5. Croydex Wimbourne Double Robe Hook
    £8.35 Was £11.59
  6. Croydex Wimbourne Glass Shelf
    £29.15 Was £40.13
  7. Croydex Romsey Tumbler and Holder
    £20.18 Was £27.77
  8. Croydex Romsey Towel Ring
    £19.07 Was £26.23
  9. Croydex Romsey Toilet Roll Holder
    £16.81 Was £23.14
  10. Croydex Cheadle Double Robe Hook
    £19.07 Was £26.23
  11. Croydex Cheadle Towel Ring
    £31.39 Was £43.22
  12. Croydex Cheadle Toilet Roll Holder
    £26.90 Was £37.03
  13. Croydex Epsom Towel Rail
    £36.99 Was £50.93
  14. Croydex Epsom Single Robe Hook
    £14.58 Was £20.06
  15. Croydex Epsom Towel Bar
    £24.67 Was £33.96
  16. Croydex Epsom Toilet Roll Holder
    £22.41 Was £30.86
  17. Croydex Chrome Grab 'N' Grip Straight Grab Bar

    Sale Price £57.45 Was £79.10

  18. Croydex Worcester Soap Dish and Holder
    £23.54 Was £32.40
  19. Croydex Worcester Double Robe Hook
    £12.34 Was £16.97
  20. Croydex Worcester Toilet Roll Holder
    £20.18 Was £27.77
  21. Croydex Chester Towel Rail
    £36.99 Was £50.93
  22. Croydex Chester Soap Dish and Holder
    £25.79 Was £35.50

Items 1-24 of 128

Set Descending Direction

When it comes to finishing your bathroom with the perfect accessories look no further than the Croydex Bathroom accessories range. Croydex offer a stylish range of wall mounted accessories combine design innovation and top quality manufacturing to offer a comprehensive collection, with something to suit any style of bathroom. The Croydex bathroom accessories range features the clever Flexi fix accessories ensure that the accessories in this range are easily fitted into your bathroom. The Croydex bathroom accessories either glue onto your wall or tile surface or screw into existing fixing points that previous accessories used. This ensures that no drilling is required meaning little disruption to your bathroom. View our extensive range of Croydex Bathroom Accessories from our generous accessories selection to create a functional and stylish bathroom space. From one of the UK's leading manufacturers you can be assured of the top quality of these accessories.