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Stuart Turner Pumps at LOW LOW PRICES!!! We have 360° interactive views of the Monsoon shower pump and Showermate range, allowing you to zoom and rotate.

There is nothing worse than installing a brand new bathroom suite only to find it can’t function to its maximum capacity. Thanks to the Stuart Turner shower pumps range your water pressure problems can be a thing of the past and you can create that power shower you always dreamed of. Stuart Turner offer a huge selection of pumps aimed to resolve all your water pressure problems from poor shower performance up to improving the water flow throughout your entire home.

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Stuart Turner put a lot of work into making their pumps the very best there are and the Technical Support are fantastic. Call a member of the Stuart Turner Pump Assist Team and they will be able to help with any question or problem you may have.

  • Recommending the right pump for the job.
  • Solving any technical or installation matters.
  • Diagnosis and assistance with any issues after installation.

Call the Stuart Turner Assist Team on 01491 572655 or email them at [email protected]

All Stuart Turner Pumps supplied by Bella Bathrooms benefit from:

  • Free Anti-Vibration Stainless Steel flexible hoses

All Stuart Turner pumps benefit from a generous manufactures guarantee which assures you of the top quality of these products and that you can be confident that they are built to last. The wide ranges of products from a single tap boosting and power showers to complete bathrooms and whole home pressure this range over it all. Stuart Turner pumps are universal which mean the can be used in both positive and negative locations. They are available in both single and twin impeller versions;

Single Impeller - designed to boost single water supplies: hot cold or pre-mixed.

Twin Impeller - designed for installation into both hot and cold water supplies, boosting both.

Stuart Turner has been established since 1906 and is one of the market leaders in the shower pump market both in the UK and internationally. They provide an extensive range of pumps to improve your water flow problems in both domestic and commercial settings. The range of pumps varies from shower pumps to whole house pumps and can be used to boost hot or cold water supplies or both depending on the pump type. These quality pumps can have a big impact on the pressure of water within your home and Stuart Turner Ltd is here to help you choose the right shower pump from Bella Bathrooms.

Stuart Turner Range:

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps

The Monsoon range of Stuart Turner pumps are flexible enough that they can be used in both domestic and commercial settings to boost cold and hot water supplies. They will assist your water pressure problems in areas where the location is higher than the tank such as an en-suite shower in an attic space whilst also boosting water through homes and industrial premises. The quality Stuart Turner Monsoon range of pumps are effective enough to work in high use areas such as leisure centres, schools and offices yet is affordable enough for single domestic dwellings.

We stock these Monsoon pumps in a range of different BAR pressures plus single or twin impeller versions. The Monsoon Universal pump is fully automatic and will function under both positive and negative head shower pump conditions. Never suffer a weak shower again and feel the benefit of adding a Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump to your home.

Stuart Turner Showermate Pumps

The Showermate range from Stuart Turner is a range of pumps designed for domestic use only. These shower pumps will help to boost that all important power to your shower yet are a highly affordable range. Don’t be fooled though cost effective does not mean low quality. This economy range still boasts top quality manufacturing and performance which will transform your shower experience.

The Showermate Eco from the same range is a more compact and economical shower pump that will help to improve the water pressure of an individual shower or bathroom tap.

At Bella Bathrooms we stock a range of Stuart Turner Showermate pumps from the Eco Standard Single Shower Pump right up to the powerful Universal Twin Shower Pump to help you getting your shower or bath performing just as you wish for. A shower is becoming seen as a more luxury item in the bathroom as people look to create a shower experience from a spa in their own home. Indulge yourself with one of these Stuart Turner Showermate pumps and enjoy that extra pressure from your shower to invigorate you.

Stuart Turner Techflo Pumps

Nothing quite beats the feeling of a powerful shower so make low water pressure a thing of the past and invest in a Techflo pump. This Stuart Turner range of pumps are renowned for quiet performance so that they fit discreetly into your home. The Techflo qt provides good pressure and flow to your shower with very quiet operating. The different pressures of pump available will help to boost a single shower, a complete bathroom or even an entire household.

The Techflo tp range are a very affordable first pump which will boost the performance of a single shower. They feature easy installation and are similarly quiet when in operation.

Stuart Turner Flomate Pumps

Unlike many of the pumps on the market the Stuart Turner Flomate can be used with a combi boiler heating system as it doesn’t require a cold water break tank. This compact style of pump will help to boost the water pressure in your home especially in areas with low or intermittent mains water pressure. These pumps feature easy installation and automatic start up making it an easy job for the majority of DIY minded people.

Stuart Turner ‘Stuart’ Pumps

The Stuart Turner ‘Stuart’ range is a diverse range of pumps which are effective for both water boosting and applications where water transfer is required. This range of Stuart pumps is suitable for both domestic and multiple market sectors. CH pumps are designed to produce high quality and consistent flow rates to a range of bathroom applications that require high flow rates, most noticeably to boost your power shower. The centrifugal ‘Jet’ pumps are a cost effective solution for areas where both high flow and high pressure are required. The range is suited to general cold water pumping applications and the portable carry handle means that you can take this pump wherever you require it. Submersible pumps are designed specifically to deal with transferring water from area to another and these pumps can be submerged in the fluid that they are pumping. While the Kennet pumps are designed with continuous operation in mind as the centrifugal pump promotes the transfer of liquid, boosts pressure and helps to distribute clean and clear water. Stuart Turner have the ideal waste water pump selection to assist you in your home.

Stuart Turner Accessories

We stock a decent range of Stuart Turner accessories all of which are compatible with the range of pumps. From entry flanges, floating switches and control modules, to inline strainers and anti-vibration pump mounting pads these items are ideal to have alongside your new pump.

Stuart Turner truly offer you a huge variety of pump types. From boosting the pressure in a single tap to improving the water pressure of your entire home and even commercial settings the choice is unrivalled. Stuart Turner offer customers fantastic advice and support to ensure you both select the correct pump type and have it working efficiently for your particular water system. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are proud to stock Stuart Turner pumps and we are confident you will be happy with your purchase of any of these top quality products. Make a weak shower a thing of the past with the addition of a Stuart Turner shower pump to your bathroom.