Single Impeller Shower Pumps

A single impeller shower pump is a valuable addition to your bathroom if you suffer from low water pressure in your home. Single impeller shower pumps are designed to pump one water supply, either hot, cold or pre-mixed to create that extra improvement in the flow of showers. These single impeller shower pumps are only suitable for gravity fed systems which are fed from a header tank. The majority of times single impeller shower pumps are installed on the domestic hot water side of gravity fed systems, when the cold is fed directly off the mains supply. They can also be installed after the shower mixing valve and before the shower head, but remember both hot and cold supplies need to come from their respective storage tanks. View our range of single impeller shower pumps and find the perfect match for your home.

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This type of shower pump is designed to pump only one type of water to your shower; either hot, cold or a mixture of the two and helps to overcome low mains pressure. In some homes it can be more practical to have a pair of these pumps rather than a twin pump. If the cold water tank and hot water cylinder are not located near to each other in your home it is more efficient to have a power shower pump for each of the hot and cold water supplies.

How does a Single Impeller Shower Pump work?

In order for these single impeller shower pumps to work efficiently the water in the home needs to move in the direction of gravity (downward) to create a sufficient boost to your shower. The sensors within the shower pumps are activated by different sensors depending on whether the pump is a positive or negative head. These single impeller pumps react automatically when the shower valve opens and closes or another outlet such as a tap is opened or closed. Turn that drizzle of a shower into a sense awakening spray that you dream of with one of these fantastic shower pumps.

You can be assured of the quality of these single impeller shower pumps as they are all produced by the leading UK manufacturers in the shower pump market. Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you require more assistance in selecting the correct single impellar shower pump for your home as we will be happy to help. It can seem daunting with the large selection available however, many of the manufacturers offer help online for you to select the right pump for you. An extra comfort is the aftercare they offer to both aid the installation and the maintenance of your pump if necessary.