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Salamander Pumps are one of the leading manufacturers of shower pumps in today’s current market and we are very happy to be an approved retailer of these high performance Salamander products. We are one of a select few companies that Salamander have deemed reputable enough to supply these top quality bathroom pumps. They only approve the most reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy online retailers to offer their full range and here at Bella Bathrooms we are proud to offer such a fantastic collection.

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Are you fed up with a lack of power in your shower and searching for a power shower pump? Choose a Salamander shower pump and enjoy an impressive boost to your showering experience or indeed your entire bathroom’s performance from the latest in bathroom pump technology.

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Why Choose a Salamander Pump?


All the products from Salamander are developed to suit consumers differing showering requirements. The shower pumps undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory to ensure that they reach you in perfect working order. Each component is extensively tested for long life and every Salamander pump is subject to strict quality controls before it comes to you. This also helps to ensure the pumps longevity and you can be assured that they will improve the efficiency of both your hot and cold water flow.


Salamander pumps have unrivalled performance and manage to maintain impressive water pressure even under the most high flow rate conditions. These water booster pump mechanisms use the latest in pioneering centrifugal technology which helps to produce some of the most efficient and quietest pumps on the market. Electronic sensors activate and protect the pumps by identifying whether you have a positive or negative head situation.


Salamander always ensures that they price the shower pumps competitively in order to maintain their ever increasing sales. What more could you ask for buying one of the best pumps on the market without paying over the odds? This is why Salamander is one of the leading manufacturers of shower pumps in the UK as they offer customers value for money time and time again.


To ensure the correct fitting of your bathroom pump all the pumps come with extensive installation guidelines as standard. Fitting a pump can be tricky though so make sure you seek professional advice if you are unsure. Salamander also offer access to a free technical helpline ran by people with over 70 years plumbing experience to answer any queries you may have such as how to increase water pressure in your own home. Add to this the three year manufacturers’ guarantee on all pumps and you can see why these products are so popular.

Which Salamander Pump should you Choose?

Whatever the type of pump you are looking for you will find it in this extensive range. There are different pumps to suit a variety of different showers such as mixer showers or electric showers. The popular CT ranges of shower pumps can give you that extra bit of oomph you crave in your homes water pressure. The CT ranges of Salamander pumps are high performance shower pumps that can boost the water pressure in your entire home. The vast range of pumps brings you the latest technology and an assurance of quality and reliability - all for a great price. Salamander pumps are manufactured in the UK from the finest quality components, the majority of which are sourced from the EU.

The Salamander CT50 and Salamander CT50 twin pumps are particularly popular choices. Salamander CT Xtra pumps are innovative single shower pumps which provide extra power without the extra noise. Salamander also has a CT Bathroom pumps which are designed to improve the water performance throughout your entire bathroom or en suite. Finally the CT Force range can deliver this performance to your entire home. Salamander pumps can literally answer any water pressure problems you encounter and the popular Salamander Homeboost continues to grow in popularity as it is works with both combi boilers and mains fed systems.

If you are struggling to know which is the right pump for you then our own helpful guide to selecting the correct pump for you. The latest developments in shower pumps will even improve the flow of water throughout the whole of your bathroom or even home. All of which you will find available here at Bella Bathrooms.

Never suffer a disappointing shower again and purchase one of these top quality Salamander shower pumps which offer high performance and make up part of our quiet shower pumps range. We can guarantee that you will wonder why you didn’t install one of the Salamander pumps sooner! View our extensive range of Salamander pumps which are designed to the highest spec for a range of different bathrooms and homes.