House Pumps

If it’s not just your showers performance that you are looking to improve then you are in the right place to find shower pumps that will improve the flow of water to all your household outlets. House pumps come in a whole range of sizes and power, depending on your specific home’s needs. Here at Bella Bathrooms we supply a large range of house pumps that will suit a variety of different homes and their individual needs. In some homes improved water performance is not just needed in your bathroom but throughout and this is why a house pump can be a very useful piece of kit. We stock house pumps from two manufacturers who are at the forefront of shower pump design; Stuart Turner and Salamander. These top UK manufacturers are advancing in the house pump market all the time and we are proud to stock their fantastic products that you will find create a real difference in your home!

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Whole house pumps are designed to separately pump hot or cold water to different outlets around the home. They help to increase the flow rate and pressure of water within homes where the standard mains supply struggles to meet the demands of your home. This boost to your whole water supply means that you won’t have to suffer weak water pressure again anywhere in your home – what more could you ask for?

What is Available in the House Pump Range?

Stuart Turner – Monsoon Range

The Stuart Turner Monsoon Range is a premium brass pump range that is designed to boost water pressure across a wide range of domestic appliances. It can be used for either the entire home, or can be isolated to service a high performance shower unit. These pumps are suitable for both domestic and commercial use such is there effective performance in the most high traffic areas yet they are affordable enough to be purchased for a single dwelling. We stock a good range of these Monsoon house pumps with varying BAR pressures depending on how much extra boost you require for your homes water flow. Both single and twin impeller house pumps are available depending on whether you require a boost for your hot or cold water supply or both.

Stuart Turner – Flomate Range

The Stuart Turner Flomate range is a more simple solution to boost the incoming mains low or intermittent water pressure. This type of pump does not require a cold water break tank as it can be connected directly to the main supply. It is also suitable for use with a system that runs off a combi boiler system which not many of these house pumps are. These compact pumps feature automatic start to ensure you get improved water flow as soon as you require it. Available in two different BAR pressures you can achieve the desired improvement to your homes water flow with these whole house pumps.

Salamander Range

Salamander house pumps are high performance quiet running pumps that are also not just for the bathroom but for the whole house including taps, toilets and showers. The range of whole house twin impeller pumps ensure that both the hot and cold water supplies are increased throughout your home. The Salamander RHP 100 Whole House Pump is twin ended and, unlike other pumps of its ilk, comes fully equipped with a bypass loop which provides water to the system any time the pump is out of use. This particular tank-fed model requires both hot and cold incoming water supplies for it to boost your water flow.

Salamander – House Pump

Salamander also sells a popular Home Boost Pump which is a compact, low cost solution to boost your home's water pressure. It is suited for both combi boilers and mains pressure heating systems which make it a good solution for many different types of home. This intelligent house pump recognises when the incoming pressure or flow is low and automatically boosts the performance of the incoming water. The Home Boost is an energy efficient low noise booster pump which is proving very popular.

Our range of house pumps will really make a difference to your everyday life by providing you with a constant and improved flow of water throughout the home. Weak water performance will be a thing of the past and you will wonder why you didn’t have a booster pump sooner. All of the house pumps we supply are from the UK’s leading manufacturers who provide you with guarantees that assure you of the top quality of these items. Improve the efficiency of your household with the addition of one of these fantastic whole house pumps today.