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  1. Warmup 3iE Black Programmable Thermostat
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  2. Warmup 3iE Cream Programmable Thermostat
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  3. Warmup Dual Wire Undertile Heater

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It used to be regarded as a bit of a luxury, but now more and more homeowners are installing underfloor heating systems into their bathrooms. Indeed many new apartments and houses are being built with underfloor heating systems already fitted due to the fact they are more efficient to run and low maintenance. Having efficient heating systems is all important in this modern eco friendly era. At Bella Bathrooms we would suggest that underfloor heating systems are worth the investment since, as well as improving living conditions at home, it’s also become something of a selling point for property when it comes to advertising your home on the housing market. Adding this underfloor heating installation can not only add value but help you create a more luxurious bathroom space.

Getting up in the cold is never easy but with an efficient heating system in your bathroom you will feel the luxury of more heat. Electric underfloor heating in your bathroom is a perfect way to deal with those nasty winter mornings when you’re forced to pad onto freezing cold tiled floors. That’s because underfloor heating will magically transform those tiles into little heat pads emitting heat throughout the whole bathroom as opposed to a traditional radiator releasing heat from a single source. Electric heating systems can create the same warming effect for stone, wooden or even carpeted flooring too. Programmable timers allow you to set the perfect temperature whenever you need it so that your bathroom is already up to heat ten minutes before your alarm goes off. With the luxury of this underfloor heating in your bathroom you will find it hard to leave.

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