Underfloor Heating

It used to be regarded as a bit of a luxury, but now more and more homeowners are installing underfloor heating systems into their bathrooms. Indeed many new apartments and houses are being built with underfloor heating systems already fitted due to the fact they are more efficient to run and low maintenance. Having efficient heating systems is all important in this modern eco friendly era. At Bella Bathrooms we would suggest that underfloor heating systems are worth the investment since, as well as improving living conditions at home, it’s also become something of a selling point for property when it comes to advertising your home on the housing market. Adding this underfloor heating installation can not only add value but help you create a more luxurious bathroom space.

What is Available in the Underfloor Heating Range?

  • Electric Undertile Heating Mat
  • Electric Undertile Heater
  • Underfloor Heating Programmable Thermostat

Underfloor heating is perfect for heating up cold feet on winter mornings as you step out of the shower and it takes more than just the chill off the rest of the room. Not only that but in terms of design, it can add space to a bathroom simply by the fact that you no longer require any big, bulky radiators in there to provide heating. This can also help the layout of your bathroom become more flexible by not having the restraint of where a radiator or towel rail needs to be situated.

How does Underfloor Heating work?

Underfloor heating distributes heat from the floor in an upwards direction so that the entire length and breadth of the room is being heated at the same time (a radiator heats one particular area then distributes the heat gradually around the room). The heat from an underfloor heating system isn’t as warm as that from a radiator; however it is more consistent and less expensive. You won’t experience the high temperatures a radiator can reach however you won’t have to worry about people scalding themselves on it either. Underfloor heating systems are also known to have health benefits as they produce less airborne dust in your bathroom.

What are the Different types of Underfloor Heating?

Electric systems and water-based systems are the two most popular forms of underfloor heating around today.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric (also known as the ‘dry’ form) can be installed in both old and newer homes as they are more straightforward to install than ‘wet’ underfloor heating. The electric underfloor heating systems you choose will depend on the size and shape of your bathroom. Electric wiring is more flexible to fit smaller or unorthodox shape bathrooms and underfloor heating mats will be better suited to larger family bathrooms.

These electric underfloor heating systems can be fitted beneath a stone floor and a tile floor plus some carpets as long as the carpet and underlay isn’t so thick it doesn’t let the heat through.

Water Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating systems (water fed - which connects to the boiler or works via solar energy) are better for new builds since they can be installed at the time of construction. With this style of ‘water’ heating systems a series of pipes are connected to your boiler to pump hot water through the sub floor. Because these systems involve plumbing hot water pipes into your floor it is much more difficult to implement in old properties and isn’t always possible to put in retrospectively. These hot water systems are best fitted by a professional due to the complexity of the installation however they are a fantastic system once up and running.

Like the electric underfloor heating systems water fed systems can be fitted beneath a variety of different floor types; tile, wood stone and even carpet floors. To be most effective these heating systems (electric or water based) will be best suited to homes that already have well insulated rooms to ensure that the heat that is created is preserved.

In terms of bathrooms it can be a good time to opt to install underfloor heating systems if you are adding a new cloakroom suite or en suite bathroom to your space as it is much easier to install these systems in the floor at the time of construction. Whether you opt for electric systems or water fed systems is very dependent on your own home and where you are aiming to install it. Generally electric systems tend to be cheaper to install but water fed systems can be slightly more efficient to run.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we stock underfloor heating systems that will be both a valuable addition to your bathroom but also give the space a feeling of luxury. Adding a fantastic heating system will improve the warmth within your bathroom so that you never want to leave! These heating systems come with a 25 year manufacturers’ guarantee which assures you of their top quality if you choose to install them into your bathroom.