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The Bella Bathrooms range of high-quality LED mirrors provides the comprehensive answer to all of your bathroom needs. The mirror is an important accessory in the bathroom – it’s where you get ready for work and evenings out, it’s where your children brush their teeth, it’s where guests refresh themselves when they visit… it’s a crucial bathroom feature and it pays to get it right. LED bathroom mirrors are unique as they provide you with both a mirror and the perfect illumination in your bathroom for your daily routine. Choose a bathroom mirror with shelf or additional features such as a shaving socket to improve the functionality of your space. View our extensive LED bathroom mirror range and find the perfect accessory for your bathroom! Our range of mirrors here at Bella Bathrooms will show you how these LED mirrors can provide an attractive yet functional feature to your bathroom.

LED Mirror

We’re big fans of LED bathroom mirrors and they’re definitely the future in terms of backlit bathroom mirrors. LED lighting doesn’t just use far less energy than other forms of lighting (80 per cent less than incandescent bulbs and 40 per cent less than fluorescent) but they’ll also last for far longer (10 years compared to one year for an incandescent bulb). An LED mirror also provides a less glaring and more ambient light for your bathroom – exactly the type of look you’re looking for in creating a spa-type relaxing environment.

The LED bathroom mirrors range available here at Bella Bathrooms provides even, balanced lighting, so whether you’re trimming your beard or applying your makeup, you’ll be able to do so with precision and care. It can be hard to find natural light sources in the bathroom, especially through small frosted windows, so having light sources to illuminate the mirror region evenly and properly is important – unless you’re happy to go out with a lopsided beard or smudged lipstick!

Bathroom LED Mirrors

Our range of LED bathroom mirrors come in a myriad of shapes and sizes which mean your mirror isn’t restricted to living life as a basic necessity – it can become a style statement in itself. From LED mirrors with circular designs that help to break up angular, minimalist bathrooms, to backlit LED bathroom mirrors that will light you up like a star about to step out on stage, our comprehensive collection has something for everyone and will suit a variety of different bathroom designs.

Some of these mirrors also have additional features which make them even more functional for your bathroom such as LED mirrors with shaver socket outlets and demister pads. It’s no good having a fabulous LED mirror that is going to continually steam up! Some LED mirrors feature a magnifier which helps you to focus on a particular area of your face to make your morning routine more efficient. Some of these LED mirrors also feature a clock so that you can keep an eye on the time and don’t lose track whilst whiling away your time in the bathroom. These bathroom LED mirrors will surely only become even more interactive in the future.

View our fabulous range of LED mirrors here at Bella Bathrooms and you won’t believe the choice available for your bathroom. This stunning range of mirrors can really create an impact in your bathroom and even become the focal point of the room. All of the LED mirrors in this range are offered from the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers assuring you of their top quality. With a competitive price and speedy delivery what more could you wish for?