Easy Access Baths

Enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath or a rejuvenating, refreshing show can be a simple pleasure, but for those with limited mobility, this simple task can become difficult. Our range of easy-access baths have been designed to grant these people total independence when it comes to bathing or showering, with a variety of essential features for ease of use. Individuals can bathe and shower with total confidence and optimum control.

The walk-in baths we have here at Bella Bathrooms cater to every need. There are easy ways to enter the bathtub, and all of the tubs are anti-slip, to minimise the risk of accidents and keep users steady on their feet, even in wet conditions. The baths are also available with a selection of hand rails and grips to offer assistance for those who find entering and exiting the tub difficult.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Easy access baths don’t need to be an eyesore either with sleek white acrylic making them an unobtrusive addition to many contemporary bathrooms. Creating the perfect bathing space has never been easier.

Shop the complete range of easy access bath tubs here at Bella Bathrooms – many of our products can be modified to fit individual needs, and we have a range of delivery options available to suit everyone.