Easy Access Toilets

Bella Bathrooms has a comprehensive selection of easy access toilets, all of which grant those with limited mobility the means to use the toilet as independently as they wish. With a multitude of comfort height toilets, bidets and urinals to suit all specific needs, we have the solution that can turn any bathroom trip from a complicated ordeal into a simple and easy process.

Whether you’re searching for a comfort-height toilet with a soft close seat, or a back-to-wall bidet with a unique accessible design, Bella Bathrooms has the easy access solution you are searching for.

Our range has been rigorously tested to ensure total accessibility for all, and they have a range of built-in features that make visiting the bathroom a breeze. Full-access cisterns, push-button dual flush facilities and rimless flushing technology all combine to make these easy access toilets very easy to use.

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Set Descending Direction

The complete range is also hugely stylish, with contemporary or traditional designs to choose from. An easy access bathroom needn't be an eyesore, and our chic easy access models combine functionality with style effortlessly.

Browse the collection today to find the easy access toilet that best meets your needs. We've got a range of delivery options to suit everyone, meaning you could have your Bella Bathrooms easy access toilet up and running within your home in a matter of days.