Premier Melbourne

The most discreet of bathroom suites, the Premier Melbourne is functional rather than austere but still manages to carve a subtle niche for itself due to its minimal, stylish design and smart attention to detail.

A flexible and adaptable range which will look good against a bold backdrop of coloured wallpaper and bold painted walls, the Premier Melbourne collection is already one of Bella Bathroom’s best sellers and there is no reason to believe that trend looks is about to abate.

The Premier Melbourne range is stylish and functional and will not let you down on quality as supplied with long guarantees from our well regarded manufacturer.

Premier Melbourne Bathroom Suite

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What is Available in the Premier Melbourne Range?


The wash basin, in full pedestal version, with one tap hole is in keeping with the overall simplicity of the range. It’s then your choice to pick a mixer tap that will compliment your overall bathroom theme. The basin has a beautiful curved edge and provides room for some of your toiletry essentials around the wall side.


The toilet is available in a smart close coupled standard seat version which also has beautiful curved edges and grooves. The toilet comes with the modern functioning dual flush which helps with water efficiency in the home. This range is not only stylish but also functional.

Bathroom Suite

If you think these items sound like the type of design to suit your ideal bathroom then go ahead and purchase them as a bathroom suite. Not only can you make a saving on the two items but you will also have a suite that reflects modern flair.