RAK Series 600

Those currently in the market for a neat, smallish and definitely space saving bathroom suite should check out the RAK Series 600 model. The RAK Series 600 collection is a successful blend of contemporary styling mixed with affordability. The RAK 600 toilet in the range is one of our top sellers for small bathrooms. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are very competitively priced for this manufacturer. Finished in high quality, white ceramic, the RAK Series 600 collection is sure to add a touch of class and brightness to any bathroom or cloakroom it happens to turn up in. If it’s yours there’s no way you’re going to be disappointed, especially considering the very reasonable cost versus quality equation at work here!

RAK Series 600 Bathroom Suite

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

What is Available in the RAK Series 600 Range?


The basins in the RAK Series 600 range are sleek lined with curved edges to create a look that would match any style or decor. The basin comes in a full pedestal version in two sizes (400mm & 520mm) and a semi pedestal version in 520mm. There is also a small hand basin (400mm) which is ideal for small cloakrooms. If you prefer a more modern design the semi-recessed basins and the inset vanity basin work well and help to fit the suite around existing structures or units.


The short projection toilet for this extremely popular, smart and modern looking range projects only 600mm from the wall, ensuring there’s still space to walk around in – even if the bathroom facilities in question happen to be the reincarnation of a small closet or cloakroom. The RAK Series 600 range also has a slim profile while the concealed cistern keeps the bathroom tidy, less cluttered and therefore more spacious seeming. The other option is a back to wall toilet which has similar benefits. Like the majority of the RAK range, a soft closing RAK 600 toilet seat and rim option is available together with dual flush toilet provision. The soft close seat can also be purchased separately.

We also have a small urinal available in the range at a very competitive price which is popular for commercial means.

Toilet & Basin Sets

The RAK range also offers these sets as a welcome addition to their range. You can choose from the close coupled RAK toilet with full pedestal (520mm) to include one or two tap holes or the cloakroom set. This also comes with the RAK 600 Toilet Seat - either standard or soft closing, depending on your preference. This smaller set is as specified for a smaller cloak or en-suite area and comes with a compact toilet and 400mm basin with bottle trap. Either set would be a valuable addition to your home.

Bathroom Suite

The final option in the range is to go the whole hog and purchase the RAK Series 600 bathroom suite package. This consists of a close coupled, short projection toilet and full pedestal basin (520mm) together with a Cascade Bath. There are three size options on the bath the smallest of which being perfect for a bathroom short of space.

Whatever it is you are searching for you won't go wrong if choosing this stylish RAK Series 600 range which perfectly teams modern design with high quality at an affordable price. The range is offered with lengthy manufacturers' guarantees too assuring you these products are built to last!