Shower Hoses


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  1. Croydex Stainless Steel Stretch Shower Hose
    £12.53 Was £17.24
  2. Nuie 1500mm Shower Hose Chrome
    £9.27 Was £20.00
  3. Nuie 1750mm Shower Hose Chrome
    £11.14 Was £24.00
  4. Bathrooms To Love Vema Chrome 1.5m Shower Hose
    £14.36 Was £22.00
  5. Roca Brushed Black Flexible Hose 170cm
    £35.88 Was £49.49
  6. Roca Rose Gold Flexible Hose 170cm
    £36.45 Was £50.27
  7. Croydex White PVC Reinforced Shower Hose 1250mm
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Items 1-24 of 36

Set Descending Direction

Looking to design your dream shower combo? Do you have the enclosure in mind and know just how you want it to appear inside and out? Chances are you’ve chosen where you want your shower head, the size and shape of it and how powerful the waterflow will be. But don’t forget the crucial shower hose element.

We understand that shopping for a shower hose probably isn’t high up on your list of things to do when planning a revamp or a refit but getting it wrong could ruin the overall impact of your whole shower and undermine the hours of thought put in elsewhere choosing other fixtures and fittings.

If you’ve decided on an all-silver chrome shower, then you need to find the perfect hose to match. You also need a hose that is functional and practical, suiting the needs of all the family. This wide variety of shower hoses from a comprehensive range of top bathroom brands has been specially designed to meet your needs.

Each shower hose in the range combine attractive styling and reliable high performance for the ideal shower design and function. Each product clearly states the length of the hose, for you to customise the showering experience. Additionally, many of the hoses in this range are suitable for use with electric showers or mixer taps, allowing for ultimate convenience.