Triton Showers

Triton showers can offer you such a choice of showers that you won’t have to look elsewhere, when purchasing a Triton shower you are not only getting something that looks good but rest assured that you are getting excellent quality and great aftercare customer service.

We have a huge range of Triton Electric Showers which are easy to install, they have also managed to bring great designs to the electric shower market. The Triton Aspirante range of showers offer you a choice of 5 different colours with a sleek finish in a variety of powers.

The T80z launched in the later stages of 2008, is the updated version of the T80 and is familiar to installers and homeowners across the UK.

The satellite range of digital Triton showers are not only sleek in design, but are extremely easy to install. Choose from either low pressure or high pressure mixing unit and a choice of 5 different outlet heads.

If you are looking for an affordable power shower the Triton AS200XT with thermostatic controls and sleek looks is an ideal choice for any bathroom.

Love your bathroom, give it a heart, give it a Triton Shower

Triton Showers have been at the heart of Britain’s bathrooms for more than 30 years. And there’s a simple reason why they've stayed in the affections of the British family home for so long; they care. They care about making a quality product that lasts for life. So all of their models are expertly engineered and rigorously tested 7,500 times.

They also care about design, making stylish fittings affordable for everyone. And they care about our customers; after all, they wouldn't have got very far without them. So that's why we here at Bella Bathrooms have provided you with an excellent range of Triton's superb products, including superb savings to attract even the most scrupulous buyers. Take a look at the ranges below and see for yourself what Triton can do for you.

Triton Mixer Showers

These connect to the hot and cold water supplies and the mix the water inside the shower to your selected temperature. Mixer Showers normally deliver a higher flow rate than electric showers. Ideal for home with readily available hot water. You can also add a pump if required to boost the flow of water from a gravity fed system.

Triton Electric Showers

Connecting to the mains cold water supply Triton Electric Showers have a small heating element inside the unit, heating up the water as it passes through. Triton Electric Showers don't rely on stored hot water and provide instant hot water at any time.

Triton Power Showers

These work in the same way as a mixer shower, they connect to the cold and hot water supplies and the mix the water inside the shower. They also have the added benefit of an integral pump to boost the flow rate giving a powerful flow.

Triton Digital Showers

These offer an unbeatable combination of state of the art technology, stylish choices, freedom and ease of installation and are available in ether mixer or electric variations. The wireless models offer more design freedom whilst the remote range is connected to the control by a completely hidden wire.

Triton Apirante

From the polished style of Black Gloss and White Gloss to the natural beauty of Riviera Sand, The Triton Aspirante has a finish that complements any bathroom. With simple controls anyone will be able to have a luxurious shower.

Triton Shower Towers

Shower towers are wall mounted panels which draw on both hot and cold water supplies. They offer a combination of shower sensations including multiple bodyjets, a fixed head and a handset. Their high flow rate means they are only suitable for high pressure systems but low pressure systems can be boosted with a pump.