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  1. Frontline Aquaglass+ Sphere Black Tinted Quadrant Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £594.81 Was £825.00

  2. Frontline Aquaglass Onyx Black Hinged Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £872.38 Was £1,210.00

  3. Frontline Aquaglass Onyx Black Sliding Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £807.49 Was £1,120.00

  4. Frontline Aquaglass Mono Smoked Wet Room Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £306.41 Was £425.00

  5. Frontline Aquaglass Onyx Wet Room Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £342.46 Was £475.00

  6. Merlyn Black Crittall Shower Screen Enclosure

    Sale Price £1,099.49 Was £1,270.80

  7. Merlyn Black Framed Shower Screen

    Sale Price £704.96 Was £814.80

  8. Merlyn Black Frame Shower Screen

    Sale Price £519.80 Was £600.78

  9. Frontline Aquaglass Mono Black Frosted Shower Screen

    Sale Price £428.98 Was £595.00

  10. Merlyn Hinged & Inline Black Shower Door with Optional Side Panel

    Sale Price £939.86 Was £1,086.30

  11. Merlyn Black Sliding Shower Door with Optional Side Panel

    Sale Price £803.96 Was £929.22

  12. Frontline Aquaglass+ Onyx L Shape Walk In Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £400.14 Was £555.00

  13. Merlyn Black Framed Bath Screen
    £493.16 Was £570.00
  14. April Identiti Black 8mm Hinged Bath Screen
    £181.26 Was £419.00
  15. April Prestige Black Smoked Wet Room Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £194.67 Was £450.00

  16. April Prestige Black Wet Room Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £177.36 Was £410.00

  17. April Identiti 8 Framed Black Matrix Wet Room Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £177.36 Was £410.00

  18. April Identiti 8 Black Wet Room Shower Enclosure

    Sale Price £152.71 Was £353.00

Items 1-24 of 39

Set Descending Direction

Black is Back!

Dark and dramatic, black is fast becoming the en trend shade for bathrooms. It is a colour that lends an elegant look to a bathroom and one that reflects ultra-chic modern style.

Step Away from the Norm!

Step out of the white and into the shade to completely transform a boring bathroom or ensuite. Standard white baths and shower enclosures have been around for what seems like forever, and always been the norm for bathrooms and ensuites. However, with today’s choice, you can now be bold and imaginative. A black shower enclosure can be a real feature, a commanding eye-catching centrepiece. It is also a shade that will blend with any décor and a colour that is so easy to accessorise. Here at Bella Bathrooms, we have a spectacular range of beautiful black shower enclosures, black bath screens, and luxury black wet room panels that will give any bathroom or ensuite a stylish designer appearance, yet without the high price tag! Choose from simple plain black framed shower screens to lattice style black grid panels, as well as stunning smoked glass shower enclosures. Read More...

Minimise or Maximise

Minimise or maximise, that is the question! Designs vary greatly, from minimalist unfussy black shower enclosures to more elaborate panels. While single black framed shower screens depict elegance and style within a bathroom with their clean simple lines, at the other end of the scale you have the more ostentatious black grid shower panels that make for a real standout statement.

Crittall style detailed black grid shower panels are increasingly becoming more popular, especially with those that favour a more contemporary industrial style bathroom. Yet, due to their detailed appearance, they are just as suited to a traditional bathroom as they are to a modern. Mimicking the iconic look of the Crittall windows of the early twentieth century, black grid panels have striking linear detail, and they present with a splendid architectural urban appearance.

More simplistic and less elaborate black shower enclosures vary from the understated, yet eye-catching, frameless designs with modern matt black fixings that give bathrooms a more open and spacious appearance, to stunning sliding shower door enclosures with black framed doors and chrome accents that complement and enhance.

Of course, if you wish, you can take it one step further and give your bathroom an added edge! Why not opt for a tinted black or smoked glass shower enclosure, as opposed to clear. Smoked glass shower enclosures not only give a degree of privacy when showering, but they also donate an opulent and more luxurious feel to a bathroom.

A Bespoke Black Wet Room

Modern wet rooms and walk in showers look luxurious and they give easy access to the shower area, making them particularly ideal for the elderly and those with limited mobility. The infinite range of black shower screens, panels, and minimalist flush to the floor shower trays, that are available today allow you to mix and match, so you can create a designer style bespoke wet room at a fraction of the cost. The ebony shade adds a sense of sophistication, and while they add eye-catching colour to the wet room, they don’t take away from the open plan spacious feel of it. What is more, black shower panels when set against a contrasting plain white tiled backdrop, can create a visually stunning effect. Wet room shower panels range from elaborate industrial, traditionally styled, black grid shower screens, to beautiful completely frameless designs with accentuating black support arms and feet.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for a Black Shower Enclosure

Black slate or stone resin shower trays not only have a luxurious underfoot feel, but they also accentuate with their natural organic appearance. They add the perfect finishing touch to black shower enclosures and wet rooms. Why not browse our extensive range of low profile anti-slip slate shower trays available in varying styles and an array of sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

So, whether you want to create a monochrome themed setting or create a more dramatic look for a modern or a more traditionally styled bathroom, then installing a black shower enclosure will be the perfect starting point.

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